• Weed Control

  • Every homeowner, community member or commercial property owner wants to have a clean, welcoming landscape to welcome community members and customers. Having weeds is not only an eye soar but can also be a health issue for people suffering from seasonal allergies like hay fever. We understand the importance of having a weed free environment and strive to eliminate and prevent as many weeds as possible through safe and effective weed control.

    Desert Classic Spray Division has a professionally trained Qualifying Party (QP) certificate holder and Certified Chemical Applicators that are focused on leading horticultural practices and possess a strong commitment to safety, training, and continuing education.

    Desert Classic offers its residential and commercial client base weed control through the application of pre and post emergent, deep root injection, sophisticated spray applicator equipment, and olive tree spraying.  


    The Office of Pest Management

    Business License # 9085