• Landscape Maintenance for Clients

  • Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

    Our processes at Desert Classic are tailored to accommodate our clients’ needs while continuing to be streamlined offering the most innovative, cost-effective services to you and exceed industry standards. We proudly service Management, Board of Directors and Committee Members of the following: 

    • Master Planned Communities
    • Homeowner and Community Associations
    • Commercial Campuses
    • Multi-Family Developments
    • Municipalities
    • Healthcare Facilities

    What makes Desert Classic Landscaping Stand Out Among Its Competitors

    Desert Classic Landscaping has over 200 employees in the company, fulfilling many responsibilities under the direction of the company President, Scott Murray. Crew sizes are determined on the amount of labor needed per project and/or service. Desert Classic Landscaping offers a performance based contract. This is beneficial to our communities because even if the contract may only require a certain amount of labor, if a member of the senior staff feels more labor is required to successfully complete service, it is provided at no extra cost to the community until it is brought to the standards Desert Classic feels is adequate. The burden falls on Desert Classic to provide outstanding service to our communities and will do what is necessary to achieve that.

    Desert Classic has an above average staff that include numerous industry & professional certifications. Further industry education and certification is not only encouraged, but is required in certain positions.

    Industry Certifications Held by Desert Classic Landscaping Staff Include

    • Arizona Certified Landscape Professional (ACLP)
    • Sustainable Landscape Management Certified (SLM)
    • International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists
    • University of Arizona Master Gardener Certified
    • National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

    We are a group of professionals that have decades of combined Southern Arizona landscape experience, and specialize in the unique challenges, landscaping in the desert has. We work closely with community managers, boards, and community leaders in communicating the needs we see arise and provide solutions for these needs. Our commitment is to provide you with a proactive, professional, and dependable service that sets us apart from the rest.

    Shrub Management Philosophy

    Desert Classic Landscaping prefers to follow the standards outlined by the Arizona Landscaping Contractors Association https://www.azlca.com/uploads/documents/03-proper- pruning-techniques- _-aggie- horticulture.pdf.

    The Basic Benefits of Renovation Pruning

    Some times of the year you may be notice the shrubs in your community looking like they have experienced a haircut from an over-enthusiastic barber. You may be wondering why in the world would the landscapers do this? Educated landscapers understand this is a sustainable seasonal practice that is beneficial for most shrubs. Most flowering shrubs are dormant or semi-dormant from January-April. This means that they are putting little energy in growth and waiting out the cooler temperatures. Once temperatures begin to climb they will be growing vigorously again.

    This is the time of year renovation pruning also known as cutbacks is beneficial because it reduces the amount of stress shrubs experience. When shrubs are continually pruned throughout the year they experience a constant state of stress. Stressed plants are much like people and are more susceptible to disease and pest infestation, therefore shortening their life span. Also, plants continually sheared require much more water because they are constantly trying to replace the resources that are taken to grow and be healthy. Shrubs that are seasonally pruned retain water and do not require as much water to maintain health and growth.

    Renovation style pruning reduces the need to prune throughout the year by allowing the plant to fill in naturally during its’ growing season. Seasonal pruning is also a sustainable way to allow for size reduction often necessary in an urban environment.

    So, when you see shrubs are looking over-trimmed be happy to know that they are part of a sustainable maintenance practice. Enjoy the beautiful benefits this practice will bring in just a few short weeks to come.


    Desert Classic Landscaping rarely if ever needs the services of outside subcontractors. If one becomes necessary, the community manager would be notified and we would provide the necessary paperwork.

    Community Support

    Other extras and benefits include the availability of our staff to host occasional landscape education classes when desired for the board and community. These can be a great resource in understanding not only more about horticulture, but educate community members about what is necessary to have a sustainable landscape environment.

    We want to be involved in community events and are happy to help sponsor and participate in planned events throughout the year. 

    We provide a monthly landscape newsletter focusing on landscape/horticultural issues pertinent to the month and our environment. They are written so they can be distributed not only among the board, but the community too.