• Irrigation and Water Management

  • Irrigation and Water Management

    Desert Classic Landscaping has a dedicated irrigation department to address the irrigation needs of large and small communities. Our top notch irrigation manager has over thirty years of irrigation experience and is very knowledgeable in the latest irrigation technologies. 

    We understand that fully functioning and efficient irrigation is a necessity, not a luxury or an option.  In addition, our high level of experience tells us that irrigation is not an exact science, it requires technical skills, creativity, experience and sometimes compromises to make a system work as efficiently as possible.  Our Certified Irrigation Auditors and Certified Irrigation Technicians possess the depth of skill and knowledge to provide our clients with the highest level of irrigation and water management services possible to ensure that water is being used wisely and not being wasted.

    How Do We Do This? 


    We educate our Account Managers to understand the seasonal needs of turf, trees, and shrubs. There is a different water requirements for tree, turf, and plant species. We have the Sustainable Landscape Management Certification and encourage ongoing education to stay up to date in the industry. It is important to understand these needs to determine the best course of action for efficient water management. 


    The best of education cannot replace good old fashioned observation of the landscape. We watch for and identify "stress levels" to determine when turf, plants and trees need more or less water.  It is also important to be aware of different soil types at each site to determine irrigation needs. We also perform tests determining soil moisture depth using a soil sampler or soil moisture probe to determine the actual saturation depth when necessary. 

     Consistent Monitoring of Irrigation System

    We consistently monitor timers to make sure the water times are set correctly and working properly. We don't believe in the "set it and leave it" mentality. Weather conditions can change regularly and we change timers to adjust for factors such as wind, heat, and humidity. Adjusting timers to adapt to these needs reflect positively in the health of the turf, trees and plants as well as water savings and efficiency.

    We also maintain valve boxes regularly by removing debris, leaves, and other litter that can accumulate and inhibit the performance of the valve system. When possible, we add emitters to to the edge of the root zone  under the drip line of the canopy of the trees to maintain adequate moisture as the tree grows. We also observe dry areas for proper operation of emitters and sprays.

    We schedule irrigation during the hottest most humid months for early mornings when temperatures are lower, to avoid excessive surface evaporation when possible. We also conduct an evaluation of the irrigation at least two times per year to confirm operational efficiency.

    We partner with our communities to evaluate water efficiency month to month to see where we can improve. This includes, weekly system observations for leaks and system malfunctions.