• How To Trim A Palm Tree The Right Way

    May 27, 2016 | Blog | gpldev
  • How do you know when a palm tree has been properly pruned? Unfortunately there are a lot of uneducated and inexperienced people pruning palms that have the potential of causing a lot of damage as well as future safety hazards. Even worse, if you do not know what to ask the person trimming your palm or if you don’t know what to watch for during the pruning process, you probably won’t know the damage has been done until it’s too late. Here are some points to remember when you hire someone to prune your palms and to make sure that it is being performed properly.

    • Palm that have been pruned too close to the trunk often break in the wind.
    • Trees that have been over-pruned tend to be vulnerable to freezing temperatures.
    • Removing fronds above the horizontal can expose the healthy tender tissue to disease, splitting, & bud damage.
    • Old leaves on California palms, Mexican Fan palms, and Mediterranean’s can be removed more easily.
    • Skinning trunks is unnecessary for the health of the palm and can actually cause damage that may lead to wounds. Wounds are a portal for disease and insects.
    • Fruit Stalks, yellow, and brown stalks on date palms should be removed in June or July.
    • Green stalks should not be removed.
    • Date Palms should never be pruned beyond the horizontal.

    Knowing these simple facts can assist in keeping your palm trees healthier and looking better throughout their lifetime. Consult with one our Certified Arborists about our palm pruning services. Scheduling is and easy and will give you peace of mind that you have the best experience available for your next Palm pruning project!