• Be Ready For Monsoon Season

    June 10, 2016 | Blog | gpldev
  • Every year there is an event that occurs here in Arizona known as the monsoon season. The season officially begins when the dew point hits 55 or above for three consecutive days in a row. Things begin to get quite “sticky” around the end of June and very un-comfortable.

    Every so often during this time period a storm will arrive often bringing high winds, an incredible amount of dust (aka the haboob), some rain and possible hail. These storms can be incredibly violent and unpredictable. It is not uncommon to drive around neighborhoods the day after one of these storms to see just how powerful and dangerous they can be. There are a few ways to minimize the damage ahead of time with a little thought and planning.

    The amount of most of the damage that seem to occur from these storms come from downed trees and flooding. Trees that are not pruned regularly or are pruned improperly seem to be the ones likely to fail in an urban environment and can cause further damage by falling on structures like homes, walls, in roads and sidewalks. This can be dangerous when these trees are blocking emergency vehicle and pedestrian access.

    Trees that are on a regular pruning maintenance program are less likely to fail because pruning allows air to pass through the canopy of the tree. If pruning isn’t performed, tree canopies can act as wind sails, putting too much pressure on the anchoring root system and pull them right out of the ground. Also, trees with dead, dying or weak trunk attachments can come loose in high wind situations.

    Another potential threat is flash flooding. Because southern Arizona has a high percentage of caliche in the soil, the soil cannot absorb a high amount of water at one time and can create flooding rivers and streams. Most urban areas have ditches, retention basins, and dry wells to divert the water to the cities’ storm water systems built specifically to handle the high water levels that can occur. However, if the ditches, basins and dry wells are clogged with debris, than flooding can occur causing a large amount of damage to homes and businesses. It is important to make sure these areas are cleaned regularly and maintained to help to prevent flooding that can occur otherwise.

    Arizonans that are prepared for the monsoon storms have more peace of mind when the violent storms come.