• About Our Team

  • Desert Classic Landscaping has over 200 employees in the company, fulfilling many responsibilities under the direction of the company President, Scott Murray. Crew sizes are determined on the amount of labor needed per project and/or service. Desert Classic Landscaping offers a performance based contract. This is beneficial to our communities because even if the contract may only require a certain amount of labor, if a member of the senior staff feels more labor is required to successfully complete service, it is provided at no extra cost to the community. The burden falls on Desert Classic to provide outstanding service to our communities and will do what is necessary to achieve that.

    Desert Classic has an above average staff that include numerous industry & professional certifications including ISA Certified Arborists, Arizona Contractors Licensed Professional Certifications, Sustainable Landscape Management Certifications and Master Gardener Certification.  Further industry education and certification is not only encouraged, but is required in certain positions. 


    Sonja Watson Employee of the Year 2015

  • Sustainability

    Desert Classic Landscaping embodies the belief that a sustainable healthy environment starts at home. We have embraced ALCA’s sustainability program and have embraced its’ concepts by implementing them into our procedures and practices.

    All green waste is taken from job sites and deposited at the central yard in Phoenix where it is picked up by a green waste company every few days for recycling.

    Fuel conservation is achieved through efficient route scheduling and procuring areas for tool storage that is either on-site or close to the work site when possible.

    Limited chemical use is achieved by applying chemical per label instructions as well doing as much as mechanically, when possible.

    We are also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and take our role as land stewards, seriously. We make great efforts in educating communities about the importance of having a sustainable environment to work and play in.

  • Letter from the President

    Desert Classic Landscaping has grown exponentially in the last few years, focusing on education, training, and employee retention. Through these efforts we have had the opportunity to obtain many talented and educated people in the landscape industry. Southwest Arizona is a unique and beautiful landscape with many facets that need a diverse set of skills. We have the staff that can address all of these facets with experience and professionalism.

    We have thoughtfully crafted Desert Classic’s website. Sections include services we provide as well as a blog with landscape and horticultural article specific for our region.As a partner with us, your board will also have access to our landscape design department and construction division for community enhancements and beautification projects. Finally, we have included information about the many other services we provide that will be beneficial to service all of the communities’ landscape needs, including our highly experienced and certified tree care division.These are the services that sets Desert Classic Landscaping apart from all other landscape maintenance providers and will instill confidence in your selection of Desert Classic Landscaping as your landscape management company for you HOA, multifamily or commercial property.  In addition, please note the following integrated services that would be included in your contract that we feel will specifically benefit your community or commercial property:

    1. Basic Maintenance – trimming, raking, blowing, turf management, debris removal and irrigation checks.
    2. Tree Maintenance – trimming of all trees up to 10’ and below.
    3. As a bonus, we would like to offer this as a 3-year cost guaranteed contract.  Once executed, your monthly maintenance costs will not increase for up to 3 years.

    Desert Classic Landscaping has found that well managed landscape assets are often the result of solid long-term relationships.  We would appreciate the opportunity to develop a partnership with your organization in order to enhance the landscape areas and to establish a long-term professional relationship.

    We believe communication is the key to any service provider’s success and accountability and an integral building block for a great long-term commitment from both parties.  


    Scott Murray • President

    Desert Classic Landscaping